Trust the Miracle Within You

Andrea Simmons “We are all looking for happiness and to feel success and meaning in our lives. We want to be a success in our own eyes, to be doing what we were meant to do, to feel meaning and purpose in our lives. We are living our life's purpose when we feel happiness in what we do, success by our own measure, and that what is of our heart has meaning for us.”

As a late bloomer herself, Andrea continues to inspire and empower people toward being successful, find happiness and live their creative truth.

Andrea has been a Marriage and Family Therapist for twenty years and is the Producer and Director of “You are the Miracle-Act on Your Dreams" DVD.

"Life's purpose lies in connecting to the universal force ... to find what is of one's heart and then be it or do it - towards good." Andrea Simmons MA, MFCC

"You Are the Miracle - Act On Your Dreams" is available in DVD format.

"The artists featured in the video are amazing people who face life and their art as both a love and a challenge. The video perfectly melds the philosophies of three potters, an artist/designer, and an architectural client of organic architect Bruce Goff into an understandable, cohesive, and compelling presentation of what it takes to be a great artist. The unwavering passion of each artist is the constant enduring foundation of their creativity--this is clearly brought out in the video through the various artist interviews. The video stands as an excellent presentation of the character of these five important artists and as a testament to the enormous creativity of each."
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Quote from Patrick J. Meehan, AIA, AICP,
Editor of the books
Frank Lloyd Wright Remembered, Truth Against the World, and The Master Architect.

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