about "You Are The Miracle - Act On Your Dreams"

Andrea Simmons' "You are the Miracle- Act On Your Dreams" video/ DVD has had a great impact on many viewers. The stories of these role models strike a spark that is hard to ignore. Below are a few reactions that have been shared with us:

From Patrick J. Meehan, AIA, AICP
Editor of the books Frank Lloyd Wright Remembered, Truth Against the World, and The Master Architect

"The artists featured in the video are amazing people who face life and their art as both a love and a challenge. The video perfectly melds the philosophies of three potters, an artist/designer, and an architectural client of organic architect Bruce Goff into an understandable, cohesive, and compelling presentation of what it takes to be a great artist. The unwavering passion of each artist is the constant enduring foundation of their creativity--this is clearly brought out in the video through the various artist interviews. The video stands as an excellent presentation of the character of these five important artists and as a testament to the enormous creativity of each."

From Bernice Lever
Poet, teacher, editor Her website- ColourOfWords.com

"'You are the Miracle' is a pleasure & treasure packed 4 interview series with Andrea Simmons adding much by her own wisdom. These creative people live fully alive to their own possibilities, thus showing others how to make positive choices in life. This is a much needed gift in our times. Bravo!"

From Harold H. Bloomfield, M.D.
Author of “Making Peace with Yourself” and “Making Peace with your Parents”:

“An extraordinary integration of creativity, psychology, and spirituality...The best gift you can give yourself and those you love ... will leave you forever changed. This is a great movie to share with friends, family, and community groups.”

From Tippi Hedren,
Conservationist and Actress:

“Thanks for sending a copy of ‘You Are The Miracle’. All of the stories are inspiring ... There’s a lot to be said for individuals who define their life in terms of their dedication to living generously and thoughtfully.”

From Shakti Gawain
Author of “Creative Visualization” and “Living in the Light”:

“I believe in our ability to create our own future, and in the fulfillment that comes when we do what we love. This powerfully done film gives us a wonderful model for believing this really applies to us.”

From Hal Stone, Ph.D.,
Co-author “Embracing Ourselves and Embracing Each Other”

“Andrea Simmons has created an inspirational video that brings life and substance to the commonly spoken message... follow your dreams.”

From Ron Ascher,
former Senior Art Director, Warner Brothers:

“This video offers glimpses of the wonderful opportunity that life provides for all of us when we get out of the way.”

From Susan Winer,
Office manager/ Homemaker, Encino, CA:

"If my house was burning down and I could only take one thing, it would be my You Are the Miracle video. Because of your video, I am beginning to explore the creative part of me for the first time in my life. It's very exciting."

From Ivanka Vana Jakic,
President/Founder of International Zones of Peace, Seattle, WA:

"You Are the Miracle is wonderful. I get more every time I watch it. It grabs you and demands that you make your contribution to life."

From Pearl Simmons,
Retired, Encino, CA:

"For the first time in my life now, at 77, watching You Are the Miracle made me feel it really is all right for me to have dreams and desires."

From Grayson William Sparkman, “A Miracle in Progress”:

“This wonderful film teaches us that when we allow ourselves permission to be our creative age, at any age... miracles start to take place. I am proud to finally be able to give myself permission to be.”

From Stacy Lan,
Chinese American Women's League For Professional Women:

"I love your tape You Are the Miracle and so does our group. Every time you watch it you see something else. It's so simple but there's so much there. The message is universal with no racial or cultural boundaries. Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful thing."

From Wanda Patterson,
Director of Art Dept. - Optimists Youth Home, Clairmont, CA:

"It's wonderful. I've told everyone I can think of about it. The kids love it."

From Lee Dillworth,
Business Owner, West Hills, CA :

"I watched your video and I can only tell you that it actually made me feel less negative about life, and if you reach 'negative little me,' you can reach millions!"

From Sue Forthman, M.A., M.F.C.C.,
Board Member San Fernando Valley, Marriage and Family Therapists Association:

"Wow! What a wonderful role model. Yes...yes...yes!"

From Shannon Wheelock,
Clay Sculpture and Pottery Teacher, Hallowell, ME:

“Two of my students, women in their 50’s, started the class fearing that they could not be creative. These women are no eager to set up their own studios and begin new creative lifestyles.”

From Paul Bradford,
Award Winning Potter and Teacher, Van Nuys, CA:

"You've done a wonderful thing. I watch it at least once a month to help myself stay centered and on track."

From Dorothy Ross, M.A., M.F.C.C. :

"The spirituality and hope that is so energizing remains long after the video is viewed"

From (Name withheld by request) :

"I just got over dealing with cancer and I thought my life was over. After watching You Are the Miracle, not only have I reconnected to myself, but I also see how having cancer may even be a benefit by helping me to really prioritize what's important to me in my life."

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