Beatrice Wood:

A role model of You Are The Miracle -
Act On Your Dreams

"When the bowl that was my heart was broken, laughter fell out," says 102 year old Wood, whose impassioned love for life still brings her the strength to operate the potter's wheel and run her own business! "I get to live in sight of the mountains, surrounded by many friends, with the ability to do what I love best--pottery!"

To realize your dream, says Wood, "self-discipline is vital. Life presents most of us with hardships. They are a blessing."

Portions of the Beatrice Wood footage were graciously donated by Wild Wolf Productions, Inc. from their award winning documentary "Beatrice Wood: Mama of Dada."

Beatrice Wood died in March of 1998.

      Multi-colored Woman Tile
          by Beatrice Woods
      from her website collection.

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